Hi, I’m Amy!

I have always loved children’s books and wanted to write one, but I didn’t have a specific idea.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, though, that started to change.

I bought a bunch of twin-themed books for them and quickly found that the books as a whole were very much treating them as the same person instead of two valuable individuals.

As a person with multiples in my family, I know that being treated as one person bothered them, especially when they were younger.

When my twins arrived and grew into little people who look and act very differently from one another, I wanted a book that reflected their experience as twins more than ever.

I wanted them to feel an appreciation for their own individuality as well as for the bond they share as twins.

I had so much trouble finding one that I decided to write one!

Through my writing, I want them, and other twins, to appreciate their individuality and not see it as something they have to compete with each other about.

You can appreciate yourself AND your relationship with your twin!

Amy is a humanitarian, mother of twins, author, and an entrepreneur.  She has a passion for helping women in difficult situations. She is using her entrepreneurial skills to support organizations that help women build sustainable businesses that will lift them out of poverty. Amy believes that teaching children compassion for themselves is the first step in showing them how to have compassion for others.”

-SBG Publishing author bio

How did I do this?

If you’re interested in how Amy made this book come to life, reach out to her and she’d love to talk to you.  Amy worked with Storybook Genius Publishing and will continue working with them on future books, along with their book design service, Yip Jar.

When I was getting ready to publish The Twinniest Twins, I knew I wanted to use it as a tool to give back and be a part of something bigger. Project Night Night was a perfect fit because it helps homeless children here in the USA and promotes literacy through their Night Night packages they distribute. Each package contains a book, blanket, and stuffed animal to provide comfort and security.

I know how much my kid’s stuffed bunny, monkey, and security blankets have meant to them at night and in new situations. I love that Project Night Night offers that to children whose lives are often unstable, as well as providing books to them to help build literacy.