As moms, we are often taught by society that we can’t have it all.  We can’t have things we are passionate about and still be good moms, let alone include our children in that joy.

I don’t think that’s true.

As a mom, no matter how many kids you have, you obviously have to give a lot of your time and energy to your children.  The first year or two can be mostly about survival, and I definitely went through that phase.

I had pretty significant postpartum depression and anxiety, and part of what helped it improve was my decision that I didn’t just want to live in survival mode, I wanted to thrive.

I wanted to do something that pursued a passion of mine that made me feel fulfilled and like I was giving back to the world.

So, I started working with Trades of Hope, which was a big jump out of my comfort zone.  At the time, I hated speaking in front of people, but knowing it would help women keep their children helped increase my confidence.

It led me to feel more fulfilled, which is something I could bring back to my family and show up the way I want to for them.

My work with Trades of Hope morphed into starting Inspired Compassion, my blog that supports compassionate businesses and ways to show compassion to yourself and others.  I always wanted to write and have a blog.  So, I built on my passion for helping people live their best life.

All of these choices turned into me writing The Twinniest Twins.

I had built up my confidence and found a sense of fulfillment, and this dream I had for so long was finally something I saw as possible.  

I also love that I can involve my family in my passions.  My kids came to my book launch; my husband comes to World Fair Trade Day to find new companies to feature.  He helps with inventory; the kids help put stamps on postcards.

Pursuing my passions has not been at the exclusion of my family; these passions have given me ways to bond with my family and include them in things that I care about.

So, moms, pursue your passions, and, better yet, let your family be a part of them.  You will feel and be so much better for it.